These are just a few of the Jacquard pieces that am ready to sell. Each one of them is special, has a reason for having been woven and they show my progression in learning to design for a Jacquard Loom.

What an amazing journey this is !!

Swan plants self seed on my property which means there are lots. Therefore, many many caterpillars feed on it and eventually turn into these beautiful Monarch Butterflies. One summer I visited one of them every single day and photographed its development.

This installation is woven on the TC-1 Jacquard loom in the early days when I was learning about how to mix colours. With just 3 different weft colours that alternate throughout the whole pieces I was able to create 16 different colour shadings.
This only sells as one piece, each panel is 55x55cm. The weavings are mounted on a purpose made wooden frame and the yarns used are fine cotton in the warp and different coloured silk wefts.
NZ$ 4000





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