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If you would like to purchase any of the items listed below please send an email to confirm that the item is still available. You will be requested to pay the listed price plus postage before I will send the item to you.

Payment can be done either by cheque in New Zealand Dollars if you have a New Zealand bank account or by PayPal if you are overseas.



Poly - something
I was wondering if I could create movement on a straight draw by just cycling several colours in the warp. This has 8 different colours that reapeat each other for a few times, then one colour is shifted and repeated as well for a few times. From close up it looks blocky but from a distance one can see the soft curve that moves through the shawl. Very drapey. Warp and Weft 100% Tencel Lyocell
NZ 380



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S35B    EARTH Series

Inspired by a visit to the Gran Canyon. Fine Possum/Merino/Silk warp, woven with two colours of Tussah Silk alternating to create the pinnacles in the Canyon. Size 58cm x 1.80 plus twisted fringe. NZ $380 plus postage


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S35C    EARTH Series   SOLD

Inspired by the second visit to Gran Canyon when the fog was rolling in, sometimes showing the view and other times totally hiding it. It was a magical experience that I somehow wanted to recreate in weaving. Warp is fine Possum/Merino/Silk and for the weft I used two colours of Tussah Silk for the pinnacles and a finer mulberry silk in a brighter colour to show off the fog rolling in and on the other side out. This is woven using 3 shuttles, the two sides are very different from each other. Size 56cm x 1.85 plus twisted fringe . NZ$ 380 plus postage

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