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How it all started

Because I could'nt get the selection of yarns I wanted to use in my weaving I started importing them from overseas. Soon other weavers wanted some as well, then their friends wanted some - and and and -, this is really how it all started.

This is a mail order service, the yarns are also being sold at Creative Fibre Festivals and other textile venues where there are trade stalls. Many of the yarns are in stock but if not, they have to be ordered in which case it can take several weeks. Because international postage, customs fees and import duty have become very expensive it is not practical to order just small amounts. So please, plan your projects well in advance in order to avoid dissappointment. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

There's no substitute for seeing and feeling a yarn and I have tried to give you as much helpful information as possible. I have also tried to get the colours as accurate as possible but all computer screens and printers vary anyway and most suppliers don't produce "real" sample cards anymore but show them in printed form.

Yarn information
Yarn counts can be very confusing. There are so many systems, and often there is no indication which system is being used. I've tried to indicate in all cases which system applies, but to enable you to compare and to calculate your needs more easily I have also given you the length per kilogram

The following abbreviations are used in the yarn descriptions:
NeB cotton numbering system, based on the number of 840 yd strands per lb
NeL linen numbering system, based on the number of 300 yd strands per lb
Nm the metric system, based on the number of metres per gram
YSW Yorkshire Skein weigth, based on 256 yd strands per lb
TEX weight in grams per 1000m length
epi ends per inch

GOTS, all the cotton yarns I offer for sale are 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.