Merino TEX 110/3

This is a beautiful soft New Zealand made yarn that only comes in white (bleached) and black. Available on 250 gram cones. Use as warp and/or weft for soft scarves and shawls. Sett depending on structure 20-24 epi or looser for collapse weave.

Price: $ 20 for 250 grams white, $ 24 for 250 grams black


Merino TEX 110/2, approx. 9000m/kg

18 Micron New Zealand grown and spun soft Merino in natural. This was made by a mill that sadly closed down so availability is only as long as stock lasts. Ideal for soft and cuddly baby blankets, used extensively in collapse weave scarves as the yarn will shrink if washed in the washing machine on a full cycle and/or tumbled

Price: $ 10 for 100 grams




Merino Nm 30/2, ca 15'000m/kg

This is a beautiful, soft, 100% pure Merino yarn, ideal to use in warp and/or weft to weave fine clothing material as well as scarves and shawls. Available in 70 different colours on 100 gram spools. Only a few of the colours are in stock, the rest needs to be ordered in, please allow up to three month for delivery.

Also used extensively as a hand and machine knitting yarn.

Price: $ 16 for 100 gram spools