Possum/Merino/Silk blend

25% Possum, 65% Merino, 10% Silk
Count: 90/2 TEX ca 11'400m/kg

This is a firmly twisted yarn, ideal for fine weaving in warp and/or weft for scarves, shawls, clothing material and lots more. Sett depending on weave structure between 20 - 28 epi. Also available in a natural/oatmealy colour as well as black

Price for 250 gr cones $ 40, also available in Natural and Black

PMSlaguna sold out

Hand painted ready made warps in Possum/Merino/Silk

each warp is 5m long, 200 ends. At the beginning is a 1:1 cross and at the end a 10:10 cross.  NZ$ 35 each

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What makes Possum such a desirable fur?

Fluffy and lightweight the fur has a fine, soft silky feel. Even the outer fur is so soft that is has an almost nil prickle factor. If you part the fur on a possum pelt, you would notice that it has a crimp, much like that on some sheep fleeces. An individual fibre on the pelt does not easily separate from it’s neighbour.
Exam a fibre under a microscope, and I’m told that each shaft has a series of large scales which help it to grip it’s neighbour. Seen in cross section, the fibre has a hollow core which means that this type of fur has unique thermal properties.
For us, luxuriously soft Possum fur garments (even those with a low fur content) are warmer, easier to dry and much lighter to wear than currently used fibres. It stands to reason therefore, that products using it have the potential to appeal to those in the fashion, sporting and health industries.

The hollow core however also means that the fur does not dye readily. The yarns which are a blend of Possum fur and Merino wool (and some of them with silk as well), have a distinctive dark undertone. This is due to the fact that the Merino yarn (and the silk) readily take on the dye while the Possum remains relatively unaffected.

Possum fur is too short to be used alone and has to be blended with a carrier yarn. Commercially, very fine NZ Merino wool has been chosen as the best “carrier” as it has a long, fine, silky staple which compliments the fur beautifully